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ZOMIXED Signage & wayfinding

Created for Studioninedots in 2013


  1. Spatial Design

From the architect:

“The Frankemaheerd in Amsterdam Zuidoost is a large complex of 40.000m2 and was built in the period 1979-1983. It first served as the former headquarters of HEMA and Bijenkorf. When these companies left the building, most of the complex went into a slow process of degradation.

What would be the best solution for the new identity of the building which needs to be transformed into a complex with diverse multiple users? Because the complex is so large, it is difficult for the new businesses and visitors to have a good orientation and way their way around.”

Together with Lesley Moore a new typography and a clear and recognizable identity for the communal spaces was designed and implemented. The first phase was developed with Studioninedots in charge of revitalizing the interior spaces. With the success of the first intervention the identity extended to the exterior spaces aiming to embrace all the buildings under one common vision.

All images courtesy of Studioninedots.


Open Day for Empty Offices

During the Open Day for Empty Offices in Amsterdam studioninedots presented the new signage identity as the starting point for the revitalization of the outside spaces of the Frankemaheerd complex.

Frankehemeerd N proposal



Open Day for Empty Offices

The presentation was based in diagrams and renders that better show the intentions regarding a single language for all the buildings that complete this complex.


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