1. Three-Cultural-Centers-&-one-book-mall

Three Cultural Centers signage & wayfinding and environmental graphics

Created for Mecanoo in 2015


  1. Identity
  2. Spatial Design

A new cultural centre lines the western edge of Longcheng Plaza in the Longgang district, one of the largest suburbs of Shenzhen, China. Designed to revitalise this park-like square, the complex comprises a vast bookshop, museum for art, youth centre and science centre spread over four volumes with total of 99,000 m2. The project of signage & wayfinding compromises the three centres, shopping area located under the square and the park.

The signage & wayfinding system of the centers was designed to highlight the building’s architecture and surroundings in a subtle, but clear manner. The mission was to create a clear, comprehensive and cohesive system, using the characteristic form of the building as inspiration. The final result is a space with an intuitive and easily navigable wayfinding system. This identity will be seen inside and outside of the center by communicating all information through its visual concept.

Signage Elements: Different Identities in different spaces.
The signage is organized in three different categories: Index/information directories (A), Directional (B) and Location common facilities (C). Each category has its own sub-categories according to different locations where the signage will be applied.

Status: Ongoing
More information coming soon.

Image courtesy Mecanoo.
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