1. Ter-Hooge-Middelburg-Identity

Stichting Lynden Ter Hooge Identity

Created for Personal projects in 2015


  1. Identity
  2. Print design

Ter Hooge Castle dates back to the 13th century and is one of the oldest estates in Walcheren. The castle as it is today was built between 1754-1757.

The Van Lynden family acquired the estate in 1871. After several generations, count Rudolph Willem van Lynden decided to pass the estate on to the Stichting Lynden Ter Hooge, a private foundation which he established to maintain Ter Hooge as it is, and keep the connection with the family.

The castle is surrounded by a large wooded park of 25 hectares. Several decades ago, the castle was divided into four apartments which are privately occupied. The park is open to general public with its paths through the woods and along the lakes providing a beautiful and rich landscape to its visitors.

Stichting Lynden Ter Hooge (LTH) manages the estate, maintaining the flora and fauna throughout the estate. The Ter Hooge estate is located just outside Middelburg on the Koudekerkseweg.



Good design is not about conforming to trends but about creating effective solutions that outlast them – work that is meaningful and timeless.

The final design is the representation of the foundation in its simplest form, combining the family crest, the foundation name and the most recognizable element: the castle.

This combination aims to deliver a design that is both easy to read and triggers feelings and memories.




The design takes into account two main elements: the family crest and the existing logotype, with the castle in a expressive hand drawing and the estate name below.

The new proposal combines both elements with a new refined font type. All elements are designed with special care for proportions, particularly the castle that now is showed with all its features.

The final result is a design that both respect the family values and memories yet solid and modern.


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