1. Sede-IED-Casilina-Giuseppe-Fiasconaro


Created for 2A+P/A in 2011


  1. Ephemeral and experimental

From the architect:

“This installation is based on four pic-nic tables, thought as working desks and fully wired in occasion of the IED Design School’s exhibition “New Design for New Relations”, at MACRO museum in Rome. After the exhibition they were moved inside IED School (Casilina) to be used as free working tables for the students.”

Image copyright: Giuseppe Fiasconaro (first and second image) others by Studio Illumina.


Project data

Client: IED
Type: Assignment
Programme: Installation
Location: Rome
Design: 2011

ied5  studioillumina

Images by Studio Illumina.

ied4  studioillumina

ied3  studioillumina

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