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Created for Mecanoo in 2017

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A fresh look for www.mecanoo.nl

In September 2014 the new Mecanoo website was launch. I have continued to develop the platform, adding a lot of projects, news and other content and implementing new features. Now almost three years later it’s time for a deserved refresh. Because web design is constantly evolving, new trends set the tone for the coming years.

More important than trends, is to understand what should be applied to the branding without losing its philosophy. This period gave me the time to explore and some things became very clear to me. Alignment, proximity, color, hierarchy and typography are key to Mecanoo’s branding.

When elements on a page are aligned, it creates order, it helps your design communicate quickly and clearly. Every website has some parts that are more important than others, a lot of the design process can be figuring out what’s important. As the saying goes, “If everything is important, then nothing is.”

Color is an underrated design tool. When used correctly, it can make a website sing. How can color stimulate your audience and be in sync with your company branding? If so, what colors? A total of six colors were selected from Mecanoo’s color palette, to be used with typography in headers and quotes. They will help to create distinction between the modules creating rhythm in the storyline.

The biggest change is the introduction of a new typeface to the website – Maison Neue designed by Milieu Grotesque.

Typography is extremely important; the right combination with engaging and creative fonts will not only aid you in molding your image: it can also express the character of your site or products.

With particular attention to harmony, rhythm and flow, the new typeface also accounts for up-to-date display and reproduction technologies to create a distinctly contemporary grotesque with a classic touch. The introduction of a new typeface can change your website dramatically forcing you to adjust all pages in order to fit the new proportions and flow. This was no exception for mecanoo.nl

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