1. Mecanoo Brand and marketing values

Mecanoo Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

Created for Mecanoo in 2014


  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Print design

Department: Public Relations
Function: Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

Creating compelling, relevant and differentiated brand strategies that reflect the past, present and future ambitions of Mecanoo (design), defining new strategies for an ever changing media landscape (planning), and communicating the values that define Mecanoo’s identity (marketing).

Initial evaluation of existing communications tools led to a full reformulation of the practice’s online presence, both in content as well as visual. Development and integration from the initial concept to the final implementation of the new company website (released in Sept 2014). Enforced common email signature, intranet (ongoing), and internal TV that together reflect the same brand values. Ensure that continual digital improvement becomes part of everyday working life.

Mecanoo website responsive


Posters/flyers for events & lectures
Company profile
Exhibition material
Web design
Image retouching

Analyse current and new methods in order to organise, control and improve Mecanoo’s visual communication tools.

Follow press, events and project updates to create unique graphic solutions to support the online PR (revitalise social media and online presence among architectural/design websites improving exposure and awareness among the target groups/markets defined within the company) and BD strategies on new tenders and submissions.

Tom Dyckhoff on the Library of Birmingham by Mecanoo
combination 5

Aside from the PR functions I also integrate with the architectural teams developing:

Infographics, icons and schemes
Signage and way-finding design
Architectural visualisation

combination 3
combination 2
2013 08 29  Libraries are the most important public buildings
combination 1

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