1. Kaufman-Broad-Office-Building-Studioninedots

Kaufman & Broad Office Building

Created for Studioninedots in 2012


  1. Architecture

Part of the project team together with Wouter Hermanns, Daniel Aw, Freddy Koelemeijer and Pedro Piernas.
All images courtesy of Studioninedots.

From the architect:

“The building site is located on the former Renault plant along the Seine in Paris. Situated right at the new park with great views on the Seine. The building had to be perceived as a single clear volume. A front-row building at the park which connects to its surroundings. We divided the volume horizontally according to the rules, the urban fabric and created setbacks for terraces. The entrance is orientated to the park and connected with the public space and inner court.

The volume scales down to the size of the housing developments but still acts as a clear iconic volume.
The paradox of the site is the fact that Lot Ya is directly facing the park Billancourt is the sunniest part.
How to design a façade using maximum view to the park and at the same time blocks the direct radiation? Using vertical blades we expand the view to the park Billancourt and the Seine and at the same time the direct sunlight is blocked. The facade is closing down in rhythm to the top blocking the sun.”

Kaufman & Broad  schemes

Project data

Client: Kaufman & Broad
Type: office 9300m2
Location: Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris
Design: 2012-2015

Kaufman & Broad 3

Model by studio KU+

model by KU+

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