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Kaohsiung Station 2023 Exhibition

Created for Mecanoo in 2018


  1. Ephemeral and experimental
  2. Spatial Design

The new exhibition “Kaohsiung Station 2023″ present in the colonial Japanese station building, which will be relocated to its original site, shows the ambition of the design that will transform the mobility system in the city. The exhibition showcases design drawings, renders, models, videos, virtual reality and construction images.

The new Kaohsiung Station is the crowning achievement of the massive Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area Underground Railway Project. Designed by dutch architecture practice Mecanoo, the new station is a key project for the city’s transformation.

The exhibition consists in five boxes placed around the supporting columns of the old station, painted in the colors of Mecanoo, blue and white. These elements create two distinctive areas of the exhibition defined by the use of color. The central area of the building is filled with models and VR headsets to maximize the user experience. In the central panel a video explains the design process.





Instructions Kaohsiung Exhibition-0

VR Postcard Kaohsiung Exhibition2

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