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Created for 2A+P/A in 2011


  1. Architecture

Part of the project team together with Katarzyna Lukasiewicz, Daniele Michetti, Consuelo Nuñez ciuffa, Marco Strippoli and Kajeta Wiecha. All images courtesy of 2A+P/A Gianfranco Bombaci Matteo Costanzo.

From the architect:

“This project represents the overlap of several functional levels designed to allow the life of the city to permeate it completely. The project’s functions include a public square with conference hall at the ground level surmounted by archives, exhibition spaces and two floors of offices with different layouts.

It is a naked white structure in which a mechanical staircase joins all of the floors, thereby connecting a sequence of public spaces inside the building, from the ground floor to the exhibition floor to the panoramic terrace. On the roof, a hemispherical structure hosts visitors who want to admire a view of the city.

The building is designed as a place in which it is possible to share information and memories as a mean of enhancing the city’s sense of community and collective identity.”

House of Memory 5

Project data

Client: Hines Italia, Municipality of Milan
Type: Restricted design competition, Special Mention
Programme: Cultural center of 2000m2
Location: Milan, Italy
Model: Marco Galofaro – Modelab
Design: 2011

DD mapa della memoria


Image copyright: Sebastiano Costanzo

Casa della Memoria model 3

Casa della Memoria model 2

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