1. Burgemeester-JustJusta

De Burgemeester Signage & wayfinding

Created for Studioninedots in 2013


  1. Identity
  2. Spatial Design

Seeking for a strong identity, recognizable and functional led the architects to several solutions. Studioninedots responded with – We space, the concept that embraces the idea on focusing on the communal spaces at the heart of the building. The space that bring people together connected to the new staircase creating new physical connections. To house the new staircase the existing void had to be enlarged to the height of 14m.

This new element is also a tool for communication, lends the building a new vibrant collective identity that is also part of the concept behind the signage and wayfinding project. The graphics are created to merge with the new architectural approach, not as different identities but as one single common vision. The enthusiasm and optimism had to be part of both disciplines. The leitmotif for the colorful graphic design is the comma, an optimistic punctuation mark that evokes positive expectations. De Burgemeester is already well on its way to meeting those expectations.



Client: Ymere, Lingotto
Type: re-use of 4700m2 office space
Location: Burgemeester Pabslaan, Hoofddorp
Design: 2012-2013
Photography: Just Justa

Burgemeester - JustJusta
Burgemeester - JustJusta

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