1. Business-Center-Basel-Studioninedots

Business Center Basel (CH)

Created for Studioninedots in 2013


  1. Architecture

Part of the project team together with Wouter Hermanns, Jean-Marc Saurer and Freddy Koelemeijer.
All images courtesy of Studioninedots.

From the architect:

“Only 9 km from the city center of Basel a beautiful strip will be partially developed with mixed business program. This strip of 220 meters is situated parallel to the Rhein and goes from wide to narrow. Each building on the Rhein uses both the stunning panoramic water views and the possibility to expose themselves to the busy road on the south side.

How to create five high-quality office buildings on a relatively small strip, where all buildings have equivalent premium views and individual qualities? Instead of placing the volumes next to each other in one straight line, we rotated the five volumes by 45 degrees. Hereby the buildings readjust their orientation to capture the stunning views to all sides. Each volume becomes disconnected with maximum visibility and a private facade to the main road.”

Basel 2

Project data

Client: Gérard Benone, Immobilien an der Rheinlehne
Type: Commission
Location: Rheinstrasse Pratteln, Basel
Programme: offices 9146m2, housing 1733m2, business 3012m2, retail 3178m2, parking 8384m2, storage 4974m2, technical installations 1140m2
Design: 2013



The interactive distortion of the volumes creates a new experience as you move along the buildings. This effect is enhanced by the alternating rhythm of the vertical posts in the facades.

Basel 3

Model by studio KU+

Basel 5

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