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Arcam Amsterdam: Building blocks for the future city

Created for Studioninedots in 2012

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Studioninedots is one of the 14 offices selected for the exhibition in the Arcam Amsterdam; Building blocks for the future city. From 10.13.2012 to 11.24.2012. The Cityplot© concept is represented in this exhibition with a model in concrete by studio K+ and a give away booklet with the schematic design of both architectural and urban qualities.

From the architect:

Due to the economic situation, Cityplot© arose from the need to reconsider conventional urban planning strategies to open up more flexible models of development. This forms part of a larger challenge to address how urban strategies could be designed to be more receptive and able to change with the times instead of to large developments being readymade from the beginning.

Concentrated urbanism provided the foundation for Cityplot©, which proposes a dense, flexible city block composed of small-scale mixed-use developments. Each block combines a range of functions: commercial, residential, retail and hospitality, services/parking. The reduction of scale enables the flexibility for change to be facilitated gradually over time, allowing the city to continue regenerating in a more economically viable manner. In this way, the different functions and experiences normally dispersed throughout the city are compressed into an intensive city plot.




The main question was whether it was possible to gradually transform and densify existing areas in a city in smaller steps instead of one giant leap? And if so, how could this be done in a coherent manner?


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