1. AJ-Solicitor-Almancil-Vale-Do-Lobo-Algarve

AJ Solicitor

Created for Personal projects in 2012


  1. Identity
  2. Print design

A custom logo is an essential part of business identity and branding. A strong visual image communicates a highly skilled professional capable of providing superior services. Not only does a well-designed logo make you memorable, it also demonstrates that your firm is soundly established and separates you from the competition.

I believe simplicity is the key to clean design. By avoiding busy clutter and heavy effects, the design will receive much more attention. Generally speaking, companies with sleek, minimal logos convey organization and modern aesthetic. The logo was deliberately designed with strong, simple, solid lines so it’s instantly recognizable, working well on either a light or a dark background. The design is balanced and almost symmetric to reinforce the message.


A custom logo is an essential part of business identity and branding. Featured on your website, business cards, letterheads, signage and in advertisements, your logo will clearly identify your firm.


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