1. A-Room-For-London-Competition

A Room for London

Created for Ternullomelo in 2010


  1. Architecture
  2. Ephemeral and experimental

From the architect:

“Spending a unique night in a one-bedroom temporary home/hotel perched on the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof should not be an ordinary experience but a rather extraordinary architectural adventure. Our proposal attemps to redefine the relationship between interior and exterior. There is no inside nor outside, instead a so called “enterior” (exterior+interior) space – conceived as a porch from where, warmed by an outdoor fireplace, you can contemplate London and its magnificence.

Aside from aesthetical considerations, it’s distinctive faceted form is a consequence of concept and context. The pavilion is a landscape perception device: like a lens, framing, interiorizing and capturing/imprisoning pieces of landscape and landmarks, and like a kaleidoscope reflecting/mirroring landscape, casting the city in a new light. Locating the room was key in the development of the proposal; it was important to assure the widest angle possible and visibility of the structure.”

All images courtesy of Ternullomelo.


Coined in 1817 by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster, the word “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek καλ(ός) (beauty, beautiful), είδο(ς) (form, shape) and -σκόπιο (tool for examination)—hence “observer of beautiful forms.”

A Room For London 3

A Room For London 4

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