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Rotterdam, NL.

ElianoFelicio.com is a project born from the need to systematically organise and catalog the work I develop for studios, individual clients, or as the result of some other creative collaboration. Keeping a record of everything I do helps me to reflect upon and understand my visual language/approach in order to draw future goals and pursue new challenges.

This is a continuous process which started in architecture and mutated into graphic design. The interrelation between these complementing disciplines ensures that my work is continually crossing the boundaries between temporal design and ephemeral conceptual work.


2013 – present
Function: Graphic designer and Digital Marketing
Location: Delft, The Netherlands

Ideas and concepts are not generated in a vacuum – they need a context.

It is this process which I’m primarily interested in. If architecture, by its very nature, is a gradual process, then graphic design provides relatively immediate results: sometimes as solo projects and other times as part of a larger, common vision.

The work presented here spans layout, schematic design, diagrams, mock-ups, and publications and books, to posters, signage and way-finding, brand identity, social media, and web design. I believe that a strong understanding of the design process, underpinned by experience, affords the tools required to built an identity. Communication and marketing is what links your work to a wider audience.


2012 – 2013
Function: Architect/Graphic designer
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Technology is a tool. It is not invisible. It is not incomprehensible. Technology is a hammer and a screw driver.

I support a brand by inviting their audiences to interact, comment, share, and create. Brands receive real-time feedback when the ideas which are put in place resonate with their audience and help to spread the brand’s message.

A contemporary understanding of online social channels and design and publishing platforms is key to sustaining the link between a final design and its public exposure. It is about creating compelling, relevant and variated brand strategies for a shifting media landscape.

It’s a forced evolution.


Function: Architect
Location: Rome, Italy


2010 – 2011
Function: Intern Architect
Location: Lisbon, Portugal



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